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How To Stop Drinking Alcohol


This course is designed to help you with taking a 30 day break from drinking alcohol. Deciding to stop drinking takes a great deal of courage, especially if you have been drinking for a long time like me. Taking a break from alcohol for 30 days can really allow you the opportunity to experience benefits including reduced anxiety, better sleep, being more present with yourself and your family, being more productive at work, improved mental health and feeling more positive about the future. I have structured these short videos to teach you, encourage you and motivate you to really embrace this journey. Work your way through each video and my aim is that by the end of them you will feel empowered to take a break for 30 days and feel excited about carrying on after that. You have everything to gain. And after all, what have you got to lose? Download the workbook in the Introduction module and use this as you work through each module.

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