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 Dry January goes beyond just abstaining from alcohol.

It's about rediscovering your zest for life, enhancing your well-being and joining a community dedicated to positive change.

Group Hug

 Dry January - £60

You will get a full months access to:

Private Facebook Group
Connect with like-minded individuals - it's a safe space to share, learn and grow together. You're not just joining a group; you're becoming part of a community that celebrates each step of your journey.
2 x 1 Hour-long Zoom calls
Bookend your Dry January with interactive, motivational Zoom calls. We will kick off with an empowering session in the first week, setting your intentions and strategies, and conclude with a celebratory call in the last week, reflecting on achievements and next steps.
Discounted 1-2-1 coaching
Everyone who signs up can take advantage of discounted rates on 1-2-1 coaching sessions.

70-Page 'How to Stop Drinking Alcohol' PDF workbook



Enhanced Dry January - £129

For a more enhanced and personalised Dry January experience, along with the Facebook Group, 2x Zoom calls, discounted coaching and PDF workbook, I will be holding 2 additional, more intimate hour-long Zoom sessions that provide an opportunity for deeper, more meaningful engagement and discussion. I will share more of my own experiences from extensive training and my 5-year sober journey in a space where we can openly exchange stories, focus on individual growth and tackle personal challenges. Every session will conclude with a Q&A, to help make your Dry January journey even more supportive.

*Individual 30-minute Zoom session
Also included with the Enhanced offer is a private 1-2-1 30-minute coaching session dedicated entirely to you. Every sober journey is unique and this session is all about creating a strategy that’s tailored specifically for you – whether you're facing specific triggers, dealing with personal stressors or seeking advice on managing social situations without alcohol.

*Limited Spaces

What others say...

Client Testimonials


"Being part of the SoberDave online group gives me daily support and encouragement and I know without a doubt I would have struggled to do this on my own. Not only has it helped me achieve my goals but I’ve made friends, I’ve even met up with some of them in real life! The vibe is totally different to open online groups. It’s kind, engaging and actually good fun!"
Kate Taylor, a current member who joined last year.
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