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Sober Dave

Grey Area Drinking and Mindset Coach, Author and Podcast Host of 'One for the Road'

New Beginnings Group Coaching with SoberDave - click here for more details

Kickstart 30 Minute Empowerment Call £45

There is no better self investment than when you create positive change in your life.

Power Hour Special with SoberDave £79

This very motivational hour could completely change your relationship with alcohol.

30-Day Coaching Package Package £299

Book 30 days with me which includes a powerful hours on Zoom plus access to my online private group.

Visit my Online Masterclass

One for the Road is now out on Audiobook - click here to order

Order my book 'One for the Road' here

Number 1 Best Seller


My One for the Road Podcast

Buy me a coffee

If my podcast helps you, buying me a coffee is a lovely way of supporting each episode.

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