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3-Month Program 12 x Zoom Sessions.

1-2-1 Coaching, Facebook community, Accountability, Resources and Signposting.

  • 1 h
  • 799 British pounds
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Service Description

12 x 60 min 1-2-1 Zoom sessions weekly over 3 months. A 3-month plan with me involves working closely with someone who requires guidance, support, accountability, and encouragement to seek to maintain sobriety and make positive lifestyle changes. Here is an overview of what a 3-month plan with me may entail: 1.Initial Assessment: I conduct a comprehensive assessment of the individual's history with substance use, triggers, strengths, areas of improvement, goals, and support system to tailor the coaching plan to the individual's specific needs. 2.Goal Setting: Collaboratively establishing realistic and achievable short-term and long-term goals related to sobriety, personal growth, relationship building, career aspirations, health and wellness, and other areas of life. 3.Support and Guidance: Providing regular one-on-one coaching sessions via zoom to offer support, guidance, and encouragement, address challenges, celebrate successes, and keep the individual focused on their goals. 4.Accountability: Holding the individual accountable for their commitments, actions, and progress towards their goals, using tools such as check-ins, progress tracking, journaling, and reflection exercises. 5.Skill Building: Teaching and reinforcing coping skills, stress management techniques, communication strategies, boundary setting, self-care practices, and other tools to help individuals navigate life's challenges without turning to substances. 6.Relapse Prevention: Developing a relapse prevention plan that includes identifying triggers, creating strategies to manage cravings, practicing mindfulness, developing healthy routines, and establishing a strong support network. 7.Building Healthy Habits: Encouraging the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits, such as regular exercise, nutritious diet, adequate sleep, and engaging in activities that promote well-being and fulfilment. 8.Emotional Support: Offering a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to express their feelings, process emotions, work through past traumas, enhance self-awareness, and build resilience. 9.Connecting with Resources: Assisting individuals in accessing additional resources, such as support groups, therapy, medical services, educational programs, vocational training, and community resources to support their recovery journey. 10.Progress Evaluation: Periodically assessing progress, adjusting goals and strategies as needed, and celebrating achievements and milestones to reinforce motivation.

Cancellation Policy

Your purchase of coaching packages or sessions indicates your commitment to participate in the process and follow through to its conclusion. However, we also understand that unexpected events can happen. In addition to the general guidelines outlined below, refunds and cancellations will be considered on an individual basis, at the discretion of David Wilson Coaching. We ask the Client to be committed and faithful, and we commit to offering grace when needed. In general these guidelines apply for coaching refunds and cancellations: The Client may cancel an order within 24 hours of purchasing and request a refund. The refund will be issued, minus a 5% transaction fee. To cancel an order, send your request to Once David Wilson Coaching has scheduled sessions with the Client, they are considered set appointments. However, if necessary, the Client may request to reschedule a session, if they give at least 24 hours advance notice. Any missed sessions or cancelled sessions with less than 24 hours advance notice will be forfeited. If unexpected circumstances prevent the Client from completing all of their scheduled sessions, then the Client may request a refund for the amount pertaining to the remaining sessions. If approved by David Wilson Coaching the refund will be issued, minus a 5% transaction fee.

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