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How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

Video Course - Learn at Your Own Pace!

This self-paced video course provides you with tools and strategies to successfully complete a 30-day alcohol-free challenge. Accompanying the videos is a downloadable workbook with exercises to support your learning.


Course Overview Video - what you will learn:

  • New sober living skills

  • Build your sobriety toolbox

  • Improve self-belief and motivation

  • Key takeaways

Video 1 - Introduction

Video 2 - Dealing with Cravings and Triggers

Video 3 - Romanticising Alcohol

Video 4 - Moderation Myths

Video 5 - Healthy Living

Video 6 - Friendships and Socializing Sober

Video 7 - Feeling Our Feelings

Video 8 - Positive Mindset

Video 9 - Writing a "Dear Alcohol" Letter

Video 10 - What's Next After 30 Days Alcohol-Free

Watch the videos and complete the workbook exercises at your own pace. Come back to materials anytime you need extra support on your sobriety journey!

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